Special offer on shipments to Canada

International shipping is always challenging. Domestic customers are able to enjoy our free shipping on orders over $45.00, and we very much want to offer something similar for our Canadian customers. We can likely offer free shipping to Canada (still working on the rest of the world, the accounting and negotiating with our carrier is a lengthy process) for orders over $100.00 USD. 

It feels kind of lame to have to set the order size that large, but we do our best to remain in business and shipping across borders is genuinely quite expensive. We will treat these orders on a case-by-case basis since we are actually unable to control all the variables we need to be sustainable in this case. Thank you for taking the time to read this!


If you'd like to get your $100.00+ order to CANADA qualified for free priority shipping, please contact us at jack@jerkyxp.com


Thanks, eh!