"It's Lit" Challenge Pack

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Welcome to your challenge. Most people only get to this page but you seem like someone who can take some heat. So we have devised this challenge just for you. 

This pack includes a 2.85 oz bag of Double Habanero beef jerky and a 5 oz bottle of our very own "It's Lit" hot sauce. SHIPS IN A SPECIAL BOX!

We challenge you to upload a YouTube video of yourself putting 5 drops of "It's Lit" hot sauce on to one full piece of Double Habanero beef jerky. Look into the camera and if you can last 3 minutes without tearing up, cringing or taking a drink you will earn yourself a spot on JerkyXP.com's "Wall of Lit" where we will feature your YouTube video as well as your Twitter. We will subscribe to your channel and JerkyXP will follow you on twitter as well as post your video on social media. 

So do you think you have what it takes to become a legend and be part of JerkyXP history? Order the It's Lit + Double Habanero Challenge Pack today. 

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