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A Flavor for Every Gamer!

With 9 flavors of Beef Jerky and 2 flavors of Beef Sticks, you're bound to find a flavor you'll love!

"For Gamers, By Gamers"

We mean this literally! Follow us on our social pages! That is where we announce times we play with our fans and customers! **Not during office hours of course... Maybe sometimes... Don't tell our boss! 

Beef Jerky

JerkyXP helps keep the hunger monster away so you can grind! Ditch the chips and grab a bag of premium quality beef jerky to fuel your next game!

(+) Protien

12g per serving

(-) Carbs

2g per serving

(-) Calories

80 Cal per serving


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Free Shipping

Free Shipping on all domestic orders over $50.00

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