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Join a Faction

Join a Faction

What are Factions?

Factions are the newest way for you to become a part of the #JerkyTeam. We didn't want to do a standard affiliate program like everyone else, so we came up with Factions! Factions are the perfect fusion between a community and an affiliate program. Take a look at the perks below.

What are the perks?

CASH - Earn 5% of every sale that you send to with your personal tracking link!

COMMUNITY - Factions are more than an affiliate program. Factions are also community teams where you can find members that you can collaborate with, game with, and more!

CONTESTS - We're holding weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly contests & giveaways for our Factions including monthly Sales Factions Wars with prizes for the entire team!

EXCLUSIVES - Get access to exclusive giveaways, deals, news, merchandise, and more when you join a Faction!

Who are we looking for?

• Gamers who put in real hours on their favorite games, no matter what console

• Dedicated members who like to create content, play competitively, or casually play

• HUGE fans of JerkyXP

• Actives on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Discord and other channels

• Members who grind all day, every day

Join a Faction

Now it's time to choose your Faction. Which side are you?


If I join a Faction, am I sponsored or partnered with JerkyXP?
No. Although you are not sponsored or partnered with JerkyXP, you are considered a MEMBER of your respective Faction. When listing it in your bio, it should be as follows depending on your faction: Member of #HabaneroHeat / Member of #SNSBarbarians / Member of #TheGarlicGuard

Can I get my own discount code?
Custom discount codes are reserved for our Sponsorship / Partnership program.

Can I get free product?
Free product isn't guaranteed, but we'll be holding contests and giveaways as a way to send out product to Faction members.

Can I add JerkyXP to my name?
YES! We recommend adding JXP or JERKYXP to your social media names. (Ex. JXP Tyler or JERKYXP Anthony on Twitter)

Where can I find graphics assets for my Faction?
That's easy! You can find graphics assets for all Factions here. It include logos, Twitter banners, stream panels, and AVIs for each Faction.

How can I get my clips, videos, and/or streams promoted on @FactionsXP?
The best way to get featured on the Factions page is by tagging @FactionsXP on your posts.

Do I have to participate in the community/team side of a Faction?
No. If you're looking to join a Faction strictly for the affiliate status, that is perfectly acceptable. However, we highly encourage you to join us for Factions activities like contests, giveaways, etc.

Are there any other rules I have to follow?
Yes. As a member of a Faction, you must follow our strict behavior policy. Any toxicity and/or harassment, inside and outside of a Faction, will result in a permanent removal from any JerkyXP program including sponsorships, partnerships, and Factions.






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