JerkyXP and dbrand partner for huge giveaway!

JerkyXP, the premium beef jerky snack company and dbrand the leader in high end custom skins have partnered up to do a PS4 and Xbox one giveaway! Both of these companies lead their industry in customer interaction on social media and have decided that for 90,000 followers on twitter each company will giveaway 2 PS4s or Xbox Ones skinned by dbrand. You can enter that giveaway here

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  • I think this is a fantastic way to give back and show support to those who follow you.

    • Brea Elsaesser
  • May the luckiest person win, I know with my BOIII Supply Drop Luck this will not be me

    • David Van Buren
  • oioioi

    • Isaiah
  • Jerky and ps4/XB1 <3 combo made in heaven like cookies and cream <3

    • Kieran
  • I hope to win an Xbox One because I’ve never owned an Xbox system.

    • Karim Aziz