JackTheCEO launches his own game! Win JerkyXP!

JackTheCEO launches his own game! Win JerkyXP!

Posted by Zach Zitney on

Well has JackTheCEO been busy or what? First he drops a song and now he has released his first mobile game! Gamer Dawgs takes you on the wild ride through various locations as @JackTheCEO and his famous dog friends try to outrun the unhappy janitor, farmer and zombie. Run, Jump, bounce and soar to make your way through all the obstacles to get free. Take full control with responsive finger tap and swipe controls. Collect as many bones as you can to fill up your energy bar. Use the boost button to jump in @DoctaM3's Avenger to clear levels faster or use the magnet button to collect all the bones on screen.

We are doing daily, weekly and monthly distance leader JerkyXP giveaways! Keep topping the leaderboard and you will take home your choice of JerkyXP! 

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