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Join the JerkyXP March Madness Bracket Challenge!

It's that time of year again, where your favorite college basketball teams compete in the NCAA March Madness tournament! This is the time where instead of being on Facebook during work, you have 6 different screens behind an excel sheet where you are simultaneously popping them up to watch a different game, while you pretend to make your manager look good with inflated sales numbers. You'll get caught most likely but this year you have an excuse, you have entered the JerkyXP bracket challenge where if you win, your whole office will be happy because you just took home a large amount of JerkyXP that even your manager will be excited about. Hurry and enter your bracket now!

Comment (3)

  1. I’m up and ready, got the green flowing through my veins. Let’s get some free jerky

    Date: 16 Mar 2016
  2. Looking forward to getting that Jerky!!

    Date: 15 Mar 2016
  3. looks so nice i would love it so much i hope i can get considered for it!!! Btw jack, ????

    Date: 15 Mar 2016

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