Stuffed JerkyXP Chicken Balls

Stuffed JerkyXP Chicken Balls

Posted by Max Zitney on

STUFFED JERKYXP CHICKEN BALLS (watch video recipe here)

NOTE it's best to make small chicken balls not large for this recipe
- GRIND up desired choice of JerkyXP
- MIX salt, pepper and ground Jerky in with ground chicken
- MIX additional ground Jerky with grated mozzarella cheese
- FORM cheese and Jerky into a small ball
- FORM Ground Chicken mixture around the cheese/jerky ball
- ROLL desired amount of Chicken Balls to deep fry
- MIX Oregano and panko in a bowl
- ROLL chicken ball in flour and coat evenly
- ROLL chicken ball in egg wash and coat evenly
- ROLL chicken ball in panko mix and coast evenly
- REPEAT for all balls
- DEEP FRY in canola oil at medium heat for 5-10 minutes depending on heat and amount of oil used
- REMOVE when nice and crispy brown
- ENJOY!!! mmm JERKY


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