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Stuffed JerkyXP Chicken Balls

STUFFED JERKYXP CHICKEN BALLS (watch video recipe here)

NOTE it's best to make small chicken balls not large for this recipe
- GRIND up desired choice of JerkyXP
- MIX salt, pepper and ground Jerky in with ground chicken
- MIX additional ground Jerky with grated mozzarella cheese
- FORM cheese and Jerky into a small ball
- FORM Ground Chicken mixture around the cheese/jerky ball
- ROLL desired amount of Chicken Balls to deep fry
- MIX Oregano and panko in a bowl
- ROLL chicken ball in flour and coat evenly
- ROLL chicken ball in egg wash and coat evenly
- ROLL chicken ball in panko mix and coast evenly
- REPEAT for all balls
- DEEP FRY in canola oil at medium heat for 5-10 minutes depending on heat and amount of oil used
- REMOVE when nice and crispy brown
- ENJOY!!! mmm JERKY


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